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Amenorrhea, refers to women of childbearing age for more than 3 months of pathological menstruation does not come. In this regard, according to the cause and its clinical manifestations of proprietary Chinese medicine treatment. The following are Chinese medicine for the introduction of how to choose the treatment of amenorrhea proprietary Chinese medicine.

1. Menstruation gradually delayed, a little amount, light color and thin, and then amenorrhea, looking pale or yellow face, dizziness, fatigue and tired, sometimes headaches, palpitations, cannot sleep,light tongue color, pulse weak,better choose Blood tonic Chinese medicine, such as Bazhen Yimu pills, Buxue Ningshen tablets,Xue Su Sheng Chongji, Angelica Jujube granules, Ginseng Yang Rong pills/Renshen Yangrong pills, Shiquan Dabu Pills,Fuke Zaizao pills, Babao Kun Shun pills and so on. Bazhen Yimu pills property mild, but tonic effect food and not greasy, couldn often take. Babao Kun Shun pill has the effect of nourishing blood and qi,soothing the and regulating menstruation,has good effect on the blood deficieny and qi stagnation caused amenorrhea. Xue Su Sheng Chongji consist of astragalus, angelica, epimedium, donkey-hide gelatin,with nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation effect, supplemtnting qi and Fu zheng effect, for the treatment of blood loss caused by amenorrhea.

2. Menstrual months desnot come, mental depression and not happy, irritability, two ribs distention and uncomfortable,lower abdomenpain distention and pain or refused to press, pulse string and astringent like, should use regualting qi and promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis proprietary Chinese medicines. Such as Huoxue Tiaojing Wan, women dysmenorrhea pills/Funu Tongjing Wan,Shi Xiao San, Xuefu Zhuyu pill, promoting blood circulation,remobing blood stasis, can be often took. Tiaojing Zimei pills, Tongjing Ganlu pills, Tiaojing Huayu pill,Fuke Tongjing pills, partial to the broken blood stasis,promoting qi circualtion,and promoting menstruation; Tiaojing Zhibao Wan,Fuke Huisheng Dan,broken qi ,attack stasis and eliminate pain, not apply to take long,take more;Patients with Blood stasis and blood deficiency can use Funu Tongjing Wan pills, Fu Zhen Pian, Ci Hang pills; and Shugan Bao Kun pill, Tiaojing Huoxue Pian  apply to blood stasis and liver stagnation patients particularly appropriate.

3. Menstrual months doesn’t come lower abdomen cold pain, warm feel good, limb cold chills, loose stool, leucorrhea much, white tongue coating , the choice of warm channel to remove coldness and dampness,activating blood to promote menstuation chinese medicine. Such as Aigong Nuanfu pills, Nuangong Yunzi pills and Shier Wenjing pills.

4. Over 18 years age did not have menses, or menstrual delayed, the amount of less gradually to the amenorrhea, physical weakness, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, dizziness, tinnitus, pink tongue, should be used nourish liver and kidney, Nourishing blood for regulating menstruation Chinese medicine. Common varieties are Gejie Bushen Pills, Kun Ling Pill, Nu Bao Wan, Tianxi Tiaojing pills and so on.

In addition, if the menstrual gradually reduced, a few months not come, physical obesity, chest tightness, or dizziness, or dizziness drowsiness, or face edema and feet swollen, white much and color white, tongue fat, greasy tongue coating, Pingwei pills/Pingwei San or Wu Ji Wan Chinese medicines.