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"Arrhythmia" refers to the heartbeat fast or slow, more than the general range. Cardiac arrhythmia or conduction disorders caused tachycardia,bradycardia or arrhythmia;mental stress,much smoking,drinking alcohol,thick tea or coffee, fatigue, severe insomnia and other arrhythmia predisposing factors;Arrhythmia are particularly common in patients with heart disease,often occur in anesthesia, surgery or after surgery.Chinese medicine on the treatment of arrhythmia has undergone major changes in the clinical also have a major discovery.

1.Xin Shen Bu Ning type.

Syndrome: palpitation,easily fear, restless, insomnia and more dreams; thin white tongue coating, pulse quick.

Treatment principle: tranquilizing and allaying excitement,nourishing heart and calm nerves.

Representative prescription: Dingbo soup.

2.Qi and Blood deficiency type

Syndrome: palpitations,short of breath,especially activities,dizziness,fatigue,pale; white thin tongue coating, thin weak pulse.

Treatment principle: Nourishing blood and heart,benefiting qi for tranquilization.

Representative prescription: Shuang Bu soup.

3. Fire excess from yin deficiency

Syndrome: palpitations uncomfortable,upset and cannot fall asleep, dizziness,feverishness in p alms and soles,ear ringing,soreness of waist,red tongue,less coating,thin quick pulse.

Treatment principle:Nourishing yin and heat-clearing,to tranquilize mind by nourishing the heart.

Representative prescription: Zi Yin An Shen soup.

4.Qi and Yin Deficiency

Syndrome: palpitations,hort of breath,dizziness,fatigue,chest pain,chest tightness, burning sensation in chest,palms and soles,insomnia and more dreams; red tongue, little coating.

Treatment principle:Reinforcing qi and nourishing yin,tranquilizing by nourishing the heart.

Representative prescription: Bu Qi Yang Yin Soup.

5, phlegm-fire disturbing heart.

Syndrome: palpitations sometimes,chest tightness,irritability,insomnia,mouth dry mouth bitter,constipation,yellow or red urine; yellow greasy tongue coating, pulse string slippery.

Treatment principle:Clearing heat and dissipating phlegm,tranquilizing mind by nourishing the heart.

Representative prescription:Qing Huo Hua Tan soup.

6, heart arteries and veins - blood stasis type

Syndrome:palpitations,disturbed,chest tightness,or lips and fingernail cuan or purple.

Treatment principle: Promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis,regulating vital energy to unblock arteries and veins.

Representative prescription: Zhuyu Tang.

7, Devitalization of heart yang.

Syndrome: Palpitations, chest tightness, shortness of breath, pale, cold limbs; pale tongue, weak pulse or thin quick pulse.

Treatment principle: Warming and nourishing heart yang, calm the nerves and relieve palpitation .

Representative prescription: Bu Yng Tang.

Chinese medicine has a systemic retulated effect, and regulating is critical to many diseases. So do not underestimate the ability of Chinese medicine to treat arrhythmia.