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How to treat Chinese medicine syndrome treatment of athlete's foot

Dry beriberi

Dry beriberi refers to the athlete's foot is feet and knees not swollen. Caused by internal heat due to yin deficiency,heat-dampness,wind pathogenic factor became heat,blood injury,tendons dystrophy,appears foot tibia weakness, numbness soreness, nephrotus,foot not swollen but became thin gradually,eat less,urine heat and red, red tongue,string like pulse.

Treatment principle: Xuan Yong Hua Wen,He Ying Qing Re. could use Jiawei Cangbai San or Sheng Gan Di Huang Wan.

Identification of wet beriberi syndrome differentiation

Wet beriberi Treatment principle:Clearing heat and promoting diuresis,warming yang for dispelling cold,detoxification and fungistasis,relieving itching and pain. There are three common types wet beriberi:Heat-dampness beriberi,cold-dampness beriberi, blood stasis cold poison.


1, Heat-dampness beriberi: the main symptoms:toes or foot bottom wet and erosion, itching, or flow of yellow water,or redness and swollen ulceration,and even toe swelling, red tongue,yellow fur,pulse or no change.

Treatment principle:Clear heat and dry dampness,warms relieving itching.

 Can choose Kushen Fanshi Tang, both internal and external use.


2, Cold-dampness beriberi: the main symptoms , toes or feet bootom wet and erosion, itching, or leaching of yellow water, or numbness cold pain, or ulceration molting, hands and feet not warm,even toes swelling, pale tongue, white tongue coating.Pathogenesis is cold and dampness invading skin and blood, leading to skin and blood cannot get nurtition,suffering from cold-dampness, as a result of the cold –dampness beriberi pathology syndrome.

Treatment principle :Dispelling cold and removing dampness,warms relieving itching. Can choose Ji Ming San, both internal and external use.


3, Blood stasis cold poison: the main symptoms,toes or foot bottom wet erosion, itching, pain, or leaking pus and blood, toes color dark purple, or pain and itching, or ulceration molting,even toe swelling, Thin tongue coating, pulse sink. Pathogenesis is stagnant blood block,blood stasis and cold poison combined.

Treatment principle :Promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, dispelling cold and detoxification.

Can choose Guiling Wutou Tang, both internal and external use.