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Chinese medicine treatment of hepatitis according to the patient's symptoms, the symptoms of the syndrome, to take the appropriate treatment, highlighting the syndrome differentiation, often can receive a more satisfactory effect. To sum up, the main treatment of hepatitis in Chinese medicine are:

1, Soothing the liver qi and regulating qi(SHU GAN LI QI) method,is the common method of treatment of hepatitis,especially combine with other treatment to comprehensively adjust liver function,to promote blood circulation,spleen and stomach health,representative fomula Xiaoyao San, Xiao Chai Hu Tang.

2,Clearing heat and promoting diuresis,damp heat inside, blocking the liver and gallbladder is the common characteristics of hepatitis syndrome, ,Clearing heat and promoting diuresis to eliminate the pathogenic factors, contribute to the recovery of liver function, on behalf of the prescription are Yin Chen Hao soup, Huanglian Jiedu soup.

3, Tonifying qi and spleen method(YI QI JIAN PI), hepatitis patients immune function is low, Tonifying qi and spleen help to improve immune function, and is conducive to the removal of hepatitis virus and restore liver function, on behalf of the prescription is SI Ju Zi Tang,

4,Promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis (Huo Xue Hua Yu) method, hepatitis long time not being cured,will have blood stasis, Huo Xue Hua Yu method can improve liver blood circulation,inhibition of liver fibrous tissue hyperplasia, especially in the late chronic hepatitis commonly used, on behalf of the prescription Dahuang Zhechong pills , Renshen Biejia Jian.

5,Nourishing liver and kidney(Zi Yang Gan Shen)method,chronic hepatitis disease long time being not cured,healthy pathogemetic qi injury, liver and kidney deficiency, nourish liver and kidney method,can improve the body's resistance ability to disease, but also help the removal of hepatitis virus,on behalf of the prescription Yi Guan Jian,Liuwei Dihuang Wan.

Although the treatment of hepatitis has a variety of treatment methods, but because of the complex hepatitis, often a variety of syndromes are mixed with each other, therefore,ues a few methods to treat complex hepatitis.

    Chinese medicine in addition to anti-virus,anti-liver inflammation, anti-liver fibrosis, adjust the immune and improve the symptoms and other aspects, have the advantages of conventional medicine can not match.