Jaundice medicine

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Jaundice is a common symptom and signs, the occurrence of which is due to elevated serum bilirubin concentration caused by bilirubin metabolism.Clinical manifestations are the sclera, mucous membranes, skin and other tissues were dyed yellow. Because the sclera contains much elastic hard protein, has a strong affinity with bilirubin, so the scleral yellow jaundice patients was first detected , preceded than the mucosa,the skin.When the serum total bilirubin in the 17.1 ~ 34.2μmol / L, and the naked eye can not see jaundice, which is called  recessive jaundice or subclinical jaundice;when serum total bilirubin concentration over 34.2μmol / L, the clinical can be found Jaundice, also known as dominant jaundice.