Stone Needle Threapy

Property categories:

Stone Needle(Bianstone) therapy is based on the special properties of Stone Needle (far infrared, ultrasound, rare earth magnetic therapy, nanocrystalline massage, resonance effect, osmotic effect, etc.) combined with the theory of meridian acupoints, combined with the use of Bianstone 16 method (Rub, scratches, etc.), the effect can be as follows:


1)       Warming body and nourishing yang,nourish the muscle and tendon and meridians.

2)       Promot circulation of qi and blood,dredge the meridian.

3)       Clean cold and dampness,relieve numbness and pain.

4)       Remove blood stasis and relieve pain,clean heat and relieve swelling.

5)       Restraining hyperactivity of yang and calm nerves,tranquilizing and allaying excitement.


2. " Stone Needle(Bianstone) therapy" six characteristics:

1) Noninvasive pain in the body surface surgery, not like acupuncture and moxibustion piercing the skin or smoke smoldering,

2) Safe and reliable,all ages.

3) Large body area, the effect is significant.

4) Many methods, the use of Bianstone 16 method (pressure roller rubbing, thorn buckle scratch, etc.) in addition to stone needle properties, more with less.

5) Simple and easy to learn, easy to use, self-therapy combined with professional treatment, suitable for home use.

6) Bianstone wide range of uses, such as 7 * 24 hours stone bracelet wear can prevent tenosynovitis, such as 7 * 24 hours wear stone can prevent cervical spondylosis.

Stone Needle(Bianstone) "indications of the disease:

1) Soft tissue injury: acute and chronic sprain, contusion, strain, quick effect, significant effect.

2)Bone wound: neck and shoulder, back and leg disease, osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, etc., better than acupuncture.

3) Rheumatoid: frozen shoulder, knee synovitis, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, stable and reliable effect.

4) Peripheral neuropathy: peripheral neuritis, facial paralysis and hemifacial spasm, neuromuscular atrophy and so on.

5) Cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, hypertension, diabetes.

6) Dysfunction of the body and a variety of sub-health patients: neurasthenia, insomnia and so on.

7) For weight loss and beauty: to improve microcirculation and skin metabolism,remove flecks , remove acne, including micro-grinding, Yutang induction, Dazhui warm threapy, Du meridian manipulation,qi sea and blood sea activation, Zusanli and Sanyinjiao adjust and nourish, the real body meridian beauty method; abdominal, buttocks, lose weight method.


Notice:Cannot guarantee every Stone Needle (Bianshi) has the same spots like picture,cause stones came from different raw material. Hand-made, the size may has a little error more or less,product picture & dimensions are for reference only, the general error not more than 0.1cm.


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